The Bloodwork Tales

Teaser Trailer.


As the ice began to melt and Northern Europeans began to move about the continent, many cultures began to inquire about the secrets of life. A new science was invented called, well, science. But it was hardly a discipline. Ethics were unknown and uncared for. This allowed for all sorts of wild speculation and experimentation.

High in the cold and dark regions of Scandinavia, a small group of scientific minds, intent on learning about the origins of life, made a mistake. An accidental cross breeding of human and animal occurred without any notation. The offspring of the mating, twins, looked normal enough but when attempts to breed them created large, fanged, multilegged, hair covered, monsters, that fed on a couple of unsuspecting “lab” technicians, the “management” chose to bury and destroy everything related to the experiments.

But a small group of sympathetic scientists took pity on the twins and helped them to escape. Where they went is anybody’s guess.

The Bloodwork Tales. Story One; Red Roanoke.

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