From the Case Files of Bobby Kwan – P.I.


Sept. 15th, 2015

This wasn’t my idea.

It was my shrink’s idea (OK, THERAPIST, what’s the difference?).

It appears that I have Anger Issues!


So, my therapist thinks it would be a good idea to “talk it out” on a blog. She thinks it would benefit me to re-live some of my more, shall we say, difficult moments of my career by going over old cases.

My personality mis-alignment issues need exposure to realign my positive blah blah blah. . . .


So, I will begin at the beginning; the case that brought me back to my birthplace and nearly killed me. (clearly, it didn’t) 

Case #1 – “All Skate (or, the Birth of Scorpius)” -May 2001

Case # 201 – BEESWAX