Gerry ‘aint Buyin

This potential discovery required a visit to the annoying SAC. Gerry had set up a temporary office in Kingston, near the ferry terminal.

I did NOT want to visit.

“You are suggesting that it is a woman who is behind the Fish Hatchery die offs?”  Gerald was incredulous.

“That’s what the evidence seems to suggest.” Ransom beat me to it.  My responses recently had been tart.

“You are aware of the statistics against that sort of thing are you not?” Gerald was looking right at me.


“You are a piece of work you know that Gerry?” I was done with him.  “Call the Director at Quantico; I really don’t care at this point.”  Ransom tried to settle me down.

“No, I won’t calm down.  He thinks I am stupid or something.” I turned to Gerald.

“I am VERY aware of stats and figures.  These sorts of crimes are not traditionally committed by women.  This tells me something about the motive of the crime.  What does it tell you Ger?”

I didn’t wait for his answer.

“It means it probably has nothing to do with FISH Gerry!  These crimes are probably a diversion to make us look somewhere OTHER than someplace or at someone else.”

I turned on my heel and walked out of his office.  I didn’t bother to correct my grammar.  If SAC Gerald Hinch was confused, I didn’t care.

“Where does she think she is going?” I could still hear Gerald asked Ransom calmly.  Sheriff Johns looked at Gerald and said, quite seriously. “To catch a fish killer.”


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