A Mother’s Pain

Of course my phone rang the moment I stepped outside the FBI Field office.  My sister Hilary sounded upset.

She always sounded upset so this was nothing new to me.

“What now, Hil?”

“What do you mean they are kicking her out, what did she do?”

My mother had been a resident at a Hospice facility in Florida.  She had terminal pancreatic cancer and was certain she would die within days or even hours to hear her tell it.  She had also been a HUGE pain in my backside most of my adult life.  Attempting to becoming an FBI Agent seems to have missed my mother’s stubborn radar.

Failing to do so didn’t miss.

“BIT?!  Who did she bite?” I was furious.

My mother was a master manipulator and this was no doubt a ploy to get me to come home and personally take care of her as she dies in the agony of disappointment over her my choices.

I nearly threw my phone into a nearby decorative fountain in a rage.  My mother wanted me to feel this way.  She was winning.

“Over my dead body Hilary.  She stays put, even if it drains the rest of the retirement account.”

I hung up fighting back tears I always SWORE I would never shed over my Mother’s ploys to the contrary.

“DAMN that woman!”

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