Bobby Loses It

I had just gotten back to my room and was about to lace up my skates when both my scanner and cell phone blared; another possible rape victim.


The Detective gave me 5 minutes to get to the scene.

The victim was talking and time was of the essence.  I grabbed my side arm and made sure my temporary badge was visible.  (being deputized and all)

Jessica Thompson sat at the end of her bed.  She wasn’t crying or showing any signs of trauma.  She stared off into nothingness directly in front of her.  She held a corner of what looked like a baby blanket firmly in her left hand.

I scanned the room.  There was no sign of struggle but there was what appeared to be a half full glass of wine on the bed stand and another glass fallen on the floor near the door, its contents spilled on the carpet.

I looked at the 14 year old.

“Where is he Jessica?”

She looked up with a sad expression and clenched her pillow now, her heavy makeup still in perfect condition.

“What?  How should I know?”

I wasn’t buying it.

“You had a fight and he left, right?  After you had sex?”

The Detective touched my arm and gave me a secretive but stern glare.

“A fight?  Why do you say that?  HE RAPED ME!”  She started crying.

Mrs. Thompson sat next to her daughter and put an arm around her.  She looked angrily at me.

“Just what are you implying Ms. Kwan?  My daughter is an innocent young girl, taken advantage of by an older, more experienced boy.  HE is the one you should be talking to.”

The detective spoke up now.

“You are right Mrs. Thompson.  We should be talking to him.  But we still don’t know who he is or where we should be looking.  We need Jessica’s cooperation so we can get this guy.”

I picked up the wine glass from the floor.  I held it out for Mrs. Thompson to see.

“What do you suppose went on here?  There is another one on the bed side table.”

Mrs. Thompson looked confused and then indignant.

“He OBVIOUSLY tried to get her drunk first.  What do you THINK happened?”

I kneeled down and took Jessica’s hands in hers.

“Look at me Jessica.  You thought he loved you right?  You thought you knew what you were doing, but then it got too intense.”

I held one of Jessica’s arms and flipped it over revealing some slight bruising on her wrists.

“He got angry with you, didn’t he?  He called you a tease and held you down.”

Jessica pulled her hands free and sobbed.

“NO.  NO.  He. . he. .tried to get me drunk. . .and then. . .and then. . .”

“And then you said YES Jessica.  You invited him here.  You poured two glasses of wine and made yourself up all pretty.  You wanted him to like you.  LOVE you.”

“NOW JUST A DAMN MINUTE!” Mrs. Thompson was heated.

“Ms. Kwan, a WORD!  OUTSIDE!”  The detective walked me out of the room.


I whirled on him once we got out of earshot.

“What are you doing?”

“What am I doing?  What are YOU doing?  This girl is a victim.”

“No she isn’t.  Well, maybe technically, but. .”

“Technically?  That is not our call to make Bobby!  We aren’t the morality police or parents!”

I stepped closer to the Detective.

“No.  I won’t be a party to codling these stupid girls.  No, she didn’t deserve to be raped.  But that word is too harsh in this case.  In my opinion.”

“No one is asking for your opinion, just, I can’t believe I am saying this, the facts.”

“The FACT is this stupid teenager is a victim of peer pressure.  AND a victim of a smooth come-on by a boy who knows better.  She will be mocked, ridiculed, and teased relentlessly for being a slut now.  It was AVOIDABLE!”

I was having a hard time keeping myself under control now.


Rage was welling up inside of me; deep inside.

“Is this what they teach at the FBI Academy now?  Well, we follow procedure here Ms. Kwan.  If you are incapable of helping me capture a rape suspect then I suggest you go back to your hotel.”

Through welling up tears, I merely shut my mouth, refused to cry, turned on my heel and headed for my skates.

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