A Serial Secret

“Theresa Carlson will be fine but she has a long road ahead.  A home invasion rape is not something one just ‘gets over.’”

“I don’t think she will ever ‘get over’ it, Detective.  The scar will remain her whole life.” I found myself staring into nothingness.

Then just as quickly I snapped out of it and asked “has she said anything about the intruder?”

“Only that he had peppermint breath and he wore a mask to cover his eyes.”

“Only his eyes?”


“Well, that sounds like an MO if you ask me.  Why not a full mask and garlic breath?”

“Yeah, that was my concern as well.  It seems planned and, even worse, rehearsed.”

I jumped in “he has done it before Detective.  It wasn’t rehearsed, it was practiced and refined!  Just how many other cases do you have in this town?  Is there a serial rapist running loose?”

“Please!!  Keep your voice down.” Nelson lowered his own voice and continued.  “This is the 4th case in the last year.  All home invasions.  All the same perp it seems.”

“Why didn’t anyone mention this before?” I could feel my face was red.

“Believe me, I wanted to.  I shouldn’t have told you.  But it is getting out of hand and I hoped. . .”

I cut him off.

“GETTING out of hand?  Detective, I’d say it is WELL out of hand!  You should have asked for assistance after the second incident!!”

“I tried but was told that it was an internal matter.  But I have had it now and AM asking for help.”

“An internal matter?  Who told you that?” I was furious but kept my voice down.  I sensed something.

Detective Nelson paused, looked around carefully, and then answered gravely.

“The Mayor.”

I could only shake my head.

“Lord, I hate politics.”

“Tell me about the others.” I said grimly.

“You already are familiar with Theresa.  There were three others.  Each one three months apart.  All the same M.O.”

“So, you have known this all this time.  That you have a serial rapist in your midst.”


“And you are fully aware that serial rapists can and usually do escalate?”


“And what exactly was the plan?” I folded my arms and tried to look menacing.

Detective Nelson rubbed his face.

“We hoped he’d move on.”

I suppressed a laugh.

“Well, then it’s a good thing I came when I did.  Isn’t it?”

“Don’t be smug, EX-Agent.  I wasn’t going to let this continue.”

“You weren’t letting anything.  This guy has been playing you all for fools.”

“You practically laid down a red carpet for him.  You LET him rape three more girls after the first one.  Did you think ol Gerry was going to be of any help?”

“The FBI would have been available. . .” Detective Nelson began.

I cut him off. “Supervisor Gerald Hinch is an idiot and incompetent and a narcissist.  He wouldn’t have given you the time of day.  He would have taken over your entire precinct and ruined you AND the mayor just to get a medal of his own!”

“OK!  I know that . . . now.  I’m eating my hat here, Bobby.  I’m talking to you aren’t I?”

“Well, that is a start.  Isn’t it?  Let’s get this asshole before he hurts anyone else.”

“You DO remember that I am no longer an agent?”

He smirked a little.

“All the better.”

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