A Suspect Emerges

I followed Ransom back towards the fish pens as he had directed.

I kept my hand on my trusty Sig 40 caliber pistol.  I didn’t like this feeling.  Trusting fellow law enforcement officers is part of the job but instinct was telling me that something wasn’t right.

“I found a fresh set of shoe prints over here.” Ransom pointed to an area near an empty pen.

Then he paused.  His hand also went for his side arm.

“What are you doing Sheriff?”

“Shhhh.” Ransom was on alert.  His head was cocked to one side as he listened and scanned the area.

I wasn’t sure what to believe now.

So, I took his lead and drew my weapon as well.

Then I also heard something.

“What the hell is going on?” I whispered loudly.

“Our fish killer is here.  She is near.”

I blinked to clear my eyes and focused on a dark area near the pens.  I was still uncertain about Ransom so I kept my awareness on him as well.

I thought I could see movement.

“Let’s split up and flush her out.” I suggested but didn’t wait for a response.

“Wait. . .” Ransom tried to stop me.

I moved very quietly behind a power box while Ransom headed around the opposite direction.

Great.  Now I had potentially two targets out there.  Didn’t exactly think that one through.

I couldn’t see the Sheriff now.  I was surprisingly calm considering the situation.

“Focus Kwan.”

I thought I could hear light footfall directly ahead of me.

I stayed low and crept closer to the sound.

I had to stay out of the overhead lights and had to be careful not to look at them or I would lose my night vision.

Another small crackle of loose gravel came from directly in front of me.  Whoever it was wasn’t very skilled.

I raised my Sig.

“The games over lady!  Step out into the light with your hands up!  NOW!”

Ransom came out from a shadow closer than I had expected him to be.


Slowly, meekly, a small woman in a dark hoodie stepped into an area of light.  Her hands were empty and raised above her head.

“D d d don’t shoot!”  She cried.

I moved quickly.

I reached for a single wrist and holstered my sidearm in one swift move.

Ransom backed me up.

As soon as the woman was cuffed I pulled the hood from the woman’s head.

There, in the light of a single halogen lamp, stood Greta Little.  Tears streamed down her face.

“Mrs. Little?”

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