Mrs. Little’s Trouble

My mind was a jumble.

I didn’t suspect Greta Little as the saboteur of the Salmon Hatchery.   Really, I hadn’t suspected anyone.

I was mostly surprised that this small, unassuming, woman, sitting in the back of the patrol car felt the need to commit this series of crimes.

It didn’t make sense. What was her reason?

I looked at Mrs. Little.  She seemed calm but wary.  What would she say when the questions started?

“Mrs. Little, I am a little surprised to find you here.  Can you explain to us what you thought you were doing?  What you thought to accomplish by poisoning fish?”

Mrs. Little said nothing.  She just looked at me, expressionless.

I began to wonder if my theories about these crimes were correct.  Was this a distraction from something else?  If so, did I expect Greta to confess?

“Why tonight?  The last attempts came further apart.  Why the urgency?”

The last question seemed to hit.  A small line of perspiration formed on Mrs. Little’s upper lip.

Ransom pulled me from the car.

“What are you doing Kwan?  She isn’t under Miranda yet.  Don’t blow this case!”

“Sheriff Johns we have a bigger problem than dead fish.  I sympathize, I do.  But this woman is not a fish killer.  At least she isn’t killing fish because hates fish or the industry.  She is killing fish as a distraction.”

“That’s a theory.  From a Private Investigator.  We have nothing concrete to act on here.”

“SHE’S PROTECTING SOMEONE RANSOM!”  I whispered rather loudly.

“Who?  Who is she protecting?”

“A rapist and perhaps a killer.  We need her to tell us who.  If my instincts are correct, someone out there is under the delusion that he’s a God and is intent on killing a young girl.  TONIGHT!”

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