Greta’s Secret

Ransom looked worried.

He had been unconcerned about any secondary reasons for the fish poisonings, he had been single minded about that.  He was unapologetic about that.

His job was to protect the tribe and their interests.  Now, suddenly, it occurred to him that I was probably right.  Someone was in real danger tonight and we needed to find out who Mrs. Little was protecting.

“Ms. Kwan asked you a question ma’am.  There is no need for you to get into any more trouble than you already are.  Who are you protecting?”

Greta Little continued to look stoically at the space in front of her face.

“Well, Bobby, I guess we start with members of her family, right?  We have enough room in the car.”

Very clever Mr. Sheriff, Sir.

I played along.

“Yeah.  We sure do.  Let’s start with William; her son.  He doesn’t talk, but I bet we can make him.”

Greta’s expression didn’t change.

Hmm. Tough cookie.

New tack.

“Then I suppose we find her husband and really put it to him too.” Ransom sneered.

The perspiration on Mrs. Little’s upper lip seemed to suddenly dry and she blinked.

Then, without warning, she buried her head into my shoulder and sobbed.

This surprised me.

Not Greta’s actions but that it was her husband that she seemed to be protecting.

“Put out an APB on Mr. Little, now.”  I held Greta’s head.

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