Day 2

Every morning I have a bad habit. But I LOVE my coffee shop.

I don’t love my barista.

No matter how many times I have been in, and order the EXACT same drink, she NEVER gets my name right.

Today is no different.

I walk the three blocks (in the rain to the corner shop). NOT a chain store, fyi.

She sees me come in, grabs a cup of the right size, and begins to make my tall, double mocha.

“The usual?”

“Yep, thanks.”


SEE?!  WTH??!!


“Oooooh, riiiight.”

Scribble scribble

Whatever. Going on 2 years.

My corner booth is open, and I sit. I am meeting my new client. I have not had a missing person’s case for a while. They are always a mixed bag.

Is the person ACTUALLY missing?

Are they missing on purpose?

How long have they been missing?

How is the person reporting the case related to the missing person?

Are the police involved?

Rarely are people truly missing, they have not been missing for very long, only the person reporting MISSES the person, the police are useless, they are a close friend or family member/lover who reports the case. The person shows up in a matter of days surprised anyone missed them.

I still get paid for a few days’ work.




Good thing the coffee is fabulous.

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