Day 2 Continued

Maggie arrives at promptly at the agreed upon time.

A whisper of a woman, she blows in with purpose and makes a B Line towards me.

“Ms. Kwan?”

“Bobby, please. Ms. Johnson.”

“Maggie is fine.”

“Ok, Maggie. Coffee?”

“Oh, no, no thank you.”

“Ok, let’s dive in.”

And with that, the tears started.

“It’s my boyfriend, well, not exactly, or, um, officially, er. . .”

“Take your time.”

“It’s, well, see, I am a graduate student at University of Washington. Anthropology.”


“Now, this next bit is, um, SUPER secret.”

Super Secret? What is this, I Spy?


“Well, you see, I am his Teaching Assistant. He is the head of the department.”


“Right. Yes. You see now?”

“Yep. I do. Discretion is imperative.”

She nearly jumped from her seat.


Immediately regretting her outburst.

“Oh, jeez. This is so messed up. But the thing is I have not heard from him in three days.”

“Is that unusual?”

“Well, we were supposed to meet for dinner yesterday.”

“Has anyone else heard from him?”

“No, and he didn’t show up for a lecture. That is not normal.”

“And no one from the school has called this in to the police?”

“No, they have not, and I don’t understand why, and I can’t really ask.”

“How come?”

Here it comes.

“He’s (sob) he’s married.”

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