Day 2 Details

Maggie finally gets herself together and lays out the particulars of her case.

The Professor studies American archeological sites at old mining camps, towns, and claims. Washington State is loaded with old mines that have been decommissioned.

This is all new and fascinating to me. Since I am not from here.

It seems a lot of copper came out of the Cascades. These days the mining towns are busted and in various sates of decay. Some are popular ghost towns.

There is a lot of hidden history in those broken buildings. Professor Nickels is a history detective.

“He went up to the Springer Chapel Mine last week to begin a new dig. No one has heard from him since.”

“Um, has his Wife reported it?”

“Well, I can’t really ask. . .”

“Why not, you are his TA right?”

“I’m a horrible liar, she would see right through me and I would crumble.”

“Right. So, we have no idea if the police are even looking.”

“I know. . .I know. . .I feel terrible, but I.. .”

“HE COULD BE HURT, or worse.”



“Alright, fine, shh, shh, it’s ok. I’ll make some calls. DISCREET calls.”

Before she leaves I take down some particulars about the man she is secretly dating.

As a criminal profiler (in training) at Quantico, one of the most important things I learned is that an investigator learns as much as possible about a victim.  Assuming the professor IS a victim. Know all the connections to a victim and begin to include those connections or remove them when they are deemed irrelevant to an investigation.

The hope is that what you are left with is, most likely, your criminal. (or situation)

The most important part of this type of investigation is to assume nothing and suspect everyone. INCLUDING THE VICTIM.

So, it is time to “become” a student again.

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