Day 4 Kwan Gets Stupid

(to myself) “Stay cool. Do NOT turn into a 14-year-old girl.”

The Ranger introduces himself.

“Hello, Rick Peterson.”


I am NOT shitting you.

Just like that, the 14-year-old escapes.

“Hee hee. Bobby.”

“Bobby? Bobby what?”

“Oh, shit, sorry, uh, Kwan. Bobby Kwan, Private Investigator.”

I said shit, didn’t I?

“Sorry, about the shit. He Hee.”


“Yeah, ok. You say you found two dead bodies?”

“Ahem. Yes.”

“I need some details.”

“Oh, ha ha, yeah. You do. Sorry.”

Shake it OFF Kwan.

“I’m on a missing persons case that seemed to become NOT a missing person. So, I investigated the last known location of the, uh, person not-missing and found him and his wife dead. In the woods.”

Ranger Rick (snicker) takes some notes.

“Ok, where was this and who is the deceased?”

“The Granite Mountain Mine. Claim. Mine. Well, it’s a claim, but it’s called a Mine. For some reason.”

“Yes, I know it well. Did you get stung?”


“The bees?”

“Oh, wow. Yeah, I mean, no. I didn’t get stung.”

He knows his forest.

“and the names. . .”

“Oh, yeah, sorry. Professor Nickels and his wife.”

“First names?”

I scratch my head. I barely took notice of their first names.

It comes to me.

“Gary and Linda. I think they were estranged but I can’t be sure of that.”

He pauses.

“Your client claimed he was missing, but not the wife?”

Oh, he’s good.

“Yes. Teaching assistant.  Uh, sensitive situation.”

He writes some more.

“Ok, seems pretty straightforward.”

He get’s up, grabs his keys.

“Show me.”


“Show me where you found the dead, not-missing, Mr. and Mrs. Nickels.”

Looks like I might get stung after all.

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