Any thoughts about my new crush are, well, crushed.

My story is in total doubt now.

“Someone cleaned up the site.”

Ranger Rick keeps rummaging through debris. That’s a good sign, right?

“You are sure we are at the right location?”

Now I doubt myself.

“Well, yeah, I think so.”

I survey the area again.

“Yes, that is the root I tripped over, right there. From that spot I noticed the distinct smell of old blood.”

There are a lot of new prints in the mud.

“See these prints? Someone was here after me.”

“It is a hiking trail.”

“Yes, but not a popular one. Play the odds.”

“Ok, why would someone want to clean it up? Why not leave it and let it be discovered? Let it look like a crime of passion?”

I consider it.

“There must have been some evidence to the contrary. My discovery may have spooked the killer into cleaning up?”

He considers that.

“Ok, so someone is aware of the discovery and waited for you to leave. Pretty risky.”

“So is murder. Never stops anyone from committing it.”

“Good point. But, unless I have some evidence, I don’t have a case. Sorry.”

Whomever did this could not have gone far in the amount of time I was gone. I refuse to just leave.

“There has to be something left. No one is THAT thorough.”

Rick sighs.

“I’m sorry but I can’t help right now. I have other duties to perform. But, knock yourself out. If you find anything, don’t hesitate to call.”


Something bites me.


Something bites him.

The noise is sudden and VERY frightening.


A cloud of FLYING DEATH approaches from all sides.


We both run in no particular direction.