Do bees go to bed?

No, really, I have no idea. Do they?

Does dead body smell penetrate your clothes and hair and stuff?

Wait, who moved them into this shed? Who knew the bodies had been discovered?

Do they know I was the one who discovered them?

Oh Crap.

That means the killer probably knows I am in here too.

Are they out there right now?

Stupid federal land gun laws. I miss my FBI badge.

I can’t stay in here anymore.  I have to risk the bees. . .

And a killer.

I dare a peek out the small window.

A lot of the bees have gone, so now is my chance. But, it is also twilight and I don’t have a flashlight.

That’s one merit badge I didn’t earn.

Emergency Killer Preparedness.

I don’t see any other activity. Slowly I release the door latch.

Yeah, the door squeaks and it sounds SUPER loud.

“shhhhh” I say to no one.

I make sure the door too the shed is closed behind me. I need to preserve as much evidence as possible.

A quick survey around the shed shows no other obvious bits of evidence. No blood, no litter.

A few lingering bees swirl and buzz but none seem all that interested in me.

“Whew. Luck me.”

“Yeah, it’s your lucky day.”

“Wha. .who?”

The beekeeper comes out of nowhere.

And he is pointing a gun right at me.

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