Day 4 – Lucky Me

“You couldn’t leave it alone.”

I am not going to argue.

“What choice did I have?”

He doesn’t stop to consider an answer. He just waves his gun at me.

“Now you get to help me.”

“Why would I do that?”

He simply looks at the gun.


I consider dragging this out.

“Any reason you can’t tell me what happened?”

I figure the James Bond formula regarding bad guys spilling their guts before killing the super spy was worth a shot.

“Nope. Go back in.”

He waves me towards the shed.

I don’t know if he knows that Ranger Rick is loose somewhere, or I am unaware that maybe Beekeeper Chan has already shot him. So, I can’t really mention him.

But if there is a chance. . . .

“I am assuming you are responsible for their deaths?”

“Shut up, get in there.”

I’m really not eager to do that, but the gun is a motivator.

“Can you at least tell me why these people are dead? I had been looking for them and my curiosity is pretty high?”

This gets his attention.

“Why were you looking for them? Tell me NOW!”

“Ok, Ok, jeez. The professor didn’t show up for work and I was hired to find him.”

“By who?”



“Whom, not who. I’m a grammar Nazi.”

“Just, just shut up and tell me.”

“I’m not at liberty to discuss. . “

“I have a gun.”

“Yes, and if you shoot me, you won’t know who hired me. So, the threat isn’t a good one.”

I may have confused him.

“If I tell you why they died, you tell me who hired you aaaand maybe I won’t shoot you.”

I don’t buy any of that but if it keeps him talking. . .

“Ok, deal.”


More pause.

“This is the part where you tell me why they died.”

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