Day 4 – Ancient Chinese Secret

His patience is low, and he points at the bodies.

“We have to move them now.”

I look around.

“Where too?”

“You drove here.”

The rental. Well, at least some rental car agent is going to have a hell of a story to tell for the rest of their lives.

“I can’t carry them by myself.”

“I know, we will take two trips.”

I protest.

“It’s getting dark!”

“Yep, so stop talking and get moving.”

Well, at least this means another extension on my life expectancy today.

Moving Mrs. Nickels wasn’t as hard as I feared. And there was just enough light to not have any major accidents on the way.

She even fit in the trunk of the rental with no problem.

But Mr. Nickels is another story.

“Eew. He’s slippery.”

I drop my end of the dead Professor.

Chan, frustrated, ponders a moment.

“There is a tarp in the shed.”

He makes me retrieve it and we push/roll/slide Mr. Nickels onto it.

While he IS easier to pick up now, carrying him is hard. He weighs MUCH more than his wife.

He makes me walk backwards which makes it all the more difficult and slow.

“This is going to take all night.” I grunt. “So, you might as well tell me how their deaths relate to that mine.”

He shrugs and then lets it all out.

“In 1934 the Walker Family walked off the site. They just couldn’t make it work. They lacked man power and patience.  Essentially giving up their claim, or at least, leaving it unprotected. So, another family took over.”

“Let me guess, a Chinese family. YOURS?”

He smiles broadly.

“Oh yes. MINE.”

“Can we stop for a second? My arms are about to drop off.”

His arms are probably tired too. He makes a show of displeasure, but I can tell he needs a break.

“So, your ancestors moved in and took over the claim. Did they get anything?”

“Oh yes. Quite a lot actually. But word got back to the Walkers.”

“They came back?”

He lowers his head.

“Yes, they murdered my family.”

“That’s terrible.”

“Yes. Horrible. 12 men, all massacred and dumped off a cliff.”

“Did the law get involved?”

“Of course, but they claimed ‘insufficient evidence’ and dropped it.”

This gets him angry.

“Pick him up, let’s finish this!!”

“Ok, but. . .”

“Yes, I know. What happened next?”

“Yeah, that doesn’t explain why the Professor and his wife are dead.”

“My family is large. The Walker Family wasn’t.”

“Wasn’t? Past tense? That sounds ominous.”

He gives me a bit of an evil grin.

“The Walker Boys never saw them. Their bodies were thrown off the same cliff. No one ever figured out it was the Chan family.”

He stops and simply looks at me.



Then I put it together.

“Ooooooooh. The Nickels’ figured it out?”

Just then a flood of lights blinds us.

I drop my end of the body and duck, my eyes on fire.



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