Day 5 – Case Closed

I wake up in my bed still a little confused about the events of the previous night.

I didn’t get to bed until 2am.

The events of last night are still a bit of a jumble.

Apparently, after the bee attack, Rick went one way and I the other. My adventure is well documented, but Rick’s was a mystery to me.

Once Chan was in cuffs and placed in the back of the Jeep, Rick found me and explained.

“I came back but you were gone, I had no idea where you ran off to, so I headed back to the trail head. That’s when I saw Chan. He had a gun. So, I made sure he didn’t see me, as I had begun to suspect him of interfering with an investigation.”

I was shocked.

“But you never said. . .”

“That’s because I didn’t REALLY know where you fit in either.”

“Ok, fair enough.”

He continued.

“Once I saw that he had you at gun point, I knew I couldn’t risk your safety, so I called for backup. Standard procedure.”


“I watched you move the body of Mrs. Nickels and listened to Chan’s story. Once you went back for Mr. Nickels I set up the arrest in the parking lot here. I am glad you took a while because I wanted to set up some bright lights to stun Chan. His gun would not be out since his hands were busy carrying Mr. Nickels.”

“Well, all’s well that ends well, I guess.”

And that was that. I drove home after I gave my statement.

Now I just need to bill my client.

I make my own coffee because I am just too tired to walk to the coffee shop and I am SO not presentable.

I always request a background check and credit report of new clients, so I turn on the computer to check on the report. It was due two days ago.

(Yeah, I know I should never start a case until AFTER I get a report, but, hey, desperate times. . .)

And there it is.

I open the report.

I don’t see it at first. I am pre-occupied with my near-death experience. But I see Maggie Johnson’s credit is clean. Not unusual for a student. A little bit of credit card debt is normal.

It’s isn’t until I look for her bank account information that a stunning realization hits me.

Her name isn’t Johnson.

Well, it is, but it is a married name. From two years ago.

She is legally divorced, but then I see her maiden name.

Maggie Walker.


“She set me up!!”

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